At Tezos OTC, we believe there is a better way to buy and sell XTZ. A more efficient, private and less invasive way than using an exchange!

We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it!

Our Founding

We are a UK based operation managed by an experienced OTC trader!

We have over 5 years experience trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via OTC in well established peer-to-peer marketplaces!

Our Services

We provide a service for trading XTZ that offers two-sided liquidity for both individual and institutional-sized trades.

We also offer a delegation service for clients with 10,000+ XTZ for a fee of 10%!

We do not provide brokerage, custodial or exchange services.

Want to know more!

See our Trading FAQ for details on trading XTZ, or Delegate FAQ for details on our delegation service!

Ready to trade? Contact us!